Cake On Top: baking tasty recipes at high altitude

Cake On Top: baking tasty recipes at high altitude

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In Bakery and Pastry, High altitude is considered 1,500 or more feet above sea level. To ensure that your baked goods, like cake or breads, rise evenly and are tasty, you need to make some adjustments to your recipes.

Baking Powder/Soda (Chemical leavening)
Reducing the amount of your leavening agents will help your baked goods to rise more gradually at higher elevations.

Since liquids evaporate faster at higher elevations, the concentration of sugar goes up. Be sure to reduce to keep your cakes, brownies, and cookies from collapsing.

Adding flour helps to steady the rise of your baked goods and add structure to them as they grow in the oven.

It’s all about compensating for faster evaporation here — keep things from drying out and crisping up before they rise by adding a bit more liquid, whether it’s water, milk, oil, or eggs.

Oven Temperature
Since at higher altitudes evaporation happens faster, you’ll need to help your baked goods set up a bit faster in the oven by raising the temperature.

Baking Time
This is to compensate for the increased oven temperature you’ll need at higher altitudes. A higher temp means a faster cook, so be careful not to overdo it.

The Best Flour for High Altitude Baking

Getting it right baking at high altitudes is mainly a strategy in using the right proportions of ingredients, but sometimes flour with a higher protein content can help to maintain the structure of your goods.

If you are utilizing all this advice and still facing falling breads and collapsing cookies, try substituting 25% of the flour in your recipe for a whole wheat flour instead. Whole wheat flour has more protein and should generally be used in conjunction with lighter flours for a more appealing texture but can help a lot with collapsing cake syndrome.

If you’re not up for figuring out the math for yourself, worry not, Cake On Top is the perfect tool in your hand to make all the calculations in your all recipes. Try it with your favorite recipes and be sure to show us your handiwork on our Facebook page!

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