Buyk – Food Delivery

Buyk – Food Delivery

  • Food & Drink
  • 2021-08-27
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  • iOS 12.0 +
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Welcome to Buyk, a hassle-free way of getting your groceries fast. Just enter the address and choose the products you want – we will deliver them to you in almost no time (we do our best to bring your order in 15 minutes, but you know how unpredictable the city can be sometimes). The prices are comparable to your local stores and the delivery is free.

How can we be that fast? The answer is simple: we have a network of small delivery centers (we call them stores), each covering just a few city blocks. All products are organized in a way to make the process of packing your order as fast as possible. Our couriers (we call them Buykers) are ready to pick up your order and deliver it by foot/bike/scooter to your address swiftly (while following the traffic rules, of course).

Why don’t we charge more than others? Our stores don’t require as much space as regular ones since they don’t have any customer-facing areas, they are just mini-warehouses. This allows us to save on rent (and you know how expensive rent can be).

And you can save space in your apartment too! There is no need to store groceries at home when you can get all you need in 15 minutes (seriously, it can take more time to find something at home than to get it delivered).

Your privacy is our top priority. We won’t ask for any extra information about you (even your name is not required), just the basics to allow the order to be delivered where you need it.

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