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BeWeather 2 Pro

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BeWeather 2 by Bellshare Inc is a weather app and widget for your iPhone that’s powerful and customizable. If you’re dissatisfied with other weather apps, BeWeather 2 is worth a look. 


BeWeather 2 offers total customization. You can choose what information you want to view on either of the two complications. The considerable complication displays data such as the hi/lo temperature, wind speed, wind gusts, humidity, pressure, dew point, visibility, and UV index. You can configure the little complication with data such as temperature, conditions, and the chance of rain. You can select what to view on the left and right weather data slots. There are nine color themes to choose from in the app.

The clean, flat appearance of BeWeather 2 fits neatly into the iOS 8 environment. The interface is relatively simple, but it appears cluttered at first due to the comprehensive data displayed onscreen. It’s straightforward to navigate, and swiping gestures are used to zoom in on the map and access the side panel menu.

This weather widget provides you with everything you need to know for the day all in one place, eliminating the need to open an app. The customization options are limitless and make the weather feel more personalized, which is always pleasant. A significant benefit of this application is that you can select the weather station—this means more accurate information, which is always beneficial for a weather application.



Weather apps are an essential technology for many people who struggle to know what the weather will be like on their daily commute or while working outdoors. 

BeWeather 2 is a powerful, customizable weather app and smartphone widget. It’s full-featured and packed with features. There are many customization options, including data options and color themes. 

It also provides a map view so you can see what weather conditions are in your area. You can even view the weather forecast for the next two days. 

If you need to know what the weather will be like, this is the best app for you.

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