Battery! (Calculator + Custom Themes)

Battery! (Calculator + Custom Themes)

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  • 2009-12-23
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  • iOS 3.0 +
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Ever wonder how much battery life your device has left? Wish you could know if you can finish that movie before the batteries die out? Then, this is the app for you.

– Calculate the remaining usage time you have left based on the actual battery life of your device and on your personal usage statistics.
– Choose your own battery themes. Pick any image from your photos library and turn it into your battery theme.
– Set different colors for your battery.
– Tells you when your charge is complete.
– Updates itself every 5% of battery level to save batteries, but you can manually update the battery level to the nearest 1%.
– Checks for weak batteries. Compare the estimated battery life with your actual battery life to determine if your battery is performing under par.

The other battery apps are inaccurate:
Every device has a different battery life (i.e. batteries get weaker over time, temperature affects battery life, and batteries are not all made the same). The other battery apps just give a very rough estimate of how much battery life you have. What is worse is that they do not even differentiate between the different models (each model has different batteries). Thus, they are often very inaccurate (hence the bad reviews they get).

This is the only app that lets you calibrate the estimated battery life based on your personal usage statistics.

How to calibrate this app to fit you:

– Easy way
Remember how long it takes for you to use up all of your batteries.

– Accurate way
1. Go to your iPhone settings.
2. Go to General and then Usage.
3. Under “Time since last full charge”, look at the usage minutes. Optionally, you use the standby minutes instead to figure out the batteries left if your device is in standby. Or you can add them both to get the mixed usage minutes.
4. Turn on the battery percentage. And calculate how many minutes your battery has in one full charge. For example, if your usage time is 150 minutes and you currently have only 50% of your battery power left. Then your battery life under usage is 300 minutes.

– Estimated way
Look at the chart below and enter the minutes according to your device/activity.

Now enter the number of minutes your battery has in one charge cycle in the app’s settings menu. The app will remember your settings, so you only need to enter it once.
Battery life chart:

– iPhone 3GS
Talk time on 3G – 300 minutes
Talk time on 2G – 720 minutes
Internet use (3G) – 300 minutes
Internet use (Wi-Fi) – 540 minutes
Video playback – 600 minutes
Audio playback – 1800 minutes
Standby – 18000 minutes

– iPhone 3G
Talk time on 3G – 300 minutes
Talk time on 2G – 600 minutes
Internet use (3G) – 300 minutes
Internet use (Wi-Fi) – 360 minutes
Video playback – 420 minutes
Audio playback – 1440 minutes
Standby – 18000 minutes

– iPhone 2G
Talk time – 480 minutes
Audio playback – 960 minutes
Standby – 15000 minutes

– iPod Touch
Audio playback – 2160 minutes
Video playback – 360 minutes

Colorize Your Battery:
– Blue to Red
– Cyan
– Red
– Yellow
– Magenta
– Purple
– Orange
– Sky Blue
– Pink
– Silver
– Blue
+ Pick your own color/image

We welcome any feedback even if it is from our competitors. We are open to suggestions and new colors.

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