BabyBump Pregnancy

BabyBump Pregnancy

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  • 2009-10-22
    Release date
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • 9.1.2
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Keeping track of your pregnancy is simple with BabyBump, an iPhone pregnancy tracking application. This comprehensive pregnancy app allows you to track everything that happens to you and your unborn baby. It’s excellent for both parents-to-be and anyone interested in following a pregnancy. 



Using BabyBump’s home screen, you can check your avatar, name, the number of weeks and days you have left until your baby is born, the trimester you are in, and the total number of days until birth. 

The app is frequently updated to guarantee a better user experience. It is the first pregnancy app to feature a global forum for users. It is the first app to integrate sharing of Facebook and Twitter. It has received the most awards and raves.



There are many different forum categories on this forum board, including one for fathers. Meet other parents from around the world on this forums board. It is fast and customizable. 



Using the countdown widget, you can enter a due date or calculate from the Last Menstrual Period (LMP). You can see the time remaining until delivery in beautiful progress bars in various colors. You can view weeks and days remaining and trimester information. You can personalize your countdown screen with a profile photo. 


Daily/ Weekly Information

Each week, you’ll receive a simple schematic drawing showing your child’s development, as well as data on their length, weight, and stage of development. My favorite part is the one on BabyBump that compares your child’s size to that of a fruit or vegetable. You’ll also learn more about your child’s health and what to expect from your pregnancy. 



In this section, you can record your weight and waist measurements, as well as your moods and pregnancy symptoms. You can keep track of appointments and other activities using the calendar view. You can also see charts showing your weight and waist changes. 


Records the Contractions and Kicks

The contraction tracker provides a big start/stop button to record contractions. You can delete individual contractions, keep track of the start and finish times, the durations, and the frequencies, keep track of your labor stages and calculate the average contraction duration and frequency. If you exit the application, it will remember your active contraction session. You may enter notes about each contraction. You may also email your contraction details in their entirety

The app begins kick counting and recording your kicks automatically when you press the large start button. It also stops the kick session when time runs out or after ten kicks. If the app is closed, the app will remember your kick session. You may email your kick session to your doctor. 



Every mom-to-be wants to know how long the pregnancy is going to be, how big the baby is, when it will be born, how much weight the baby is currently gaining, and how things are going with their pregnancy. 

This app brings all of these questions, as well as more, right to your iPhone or iPad. BabyBump is the most comprehensive pregnancy tracking app available. It’s great for tracking any pregnancy, and it’s a must-have for expectant moms and new mamas.

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