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  • 2009-05-22
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There are countless free audiobooks available. The most popular audiobooks are right at your fingertips thanks to Audiobooks, so you can listen to them when you’re delayed in traffic, working out, or studying for an English test.


Apple Watch Support

Now with support for Apple Watch! Your wrist can now be used to control the playback of your audiobooks. You can choose a book from your library, change chapters, or easily manage playback. The Apple Watch’s clock allows you to access the bundled Glance screen, which displays the playing book you are now in and how far along you are in the current chapter.


Listen to Podcasts

You could also listen to a podcast if you don’t have time to read an audiobook. Podcasts provide a consistent stream of engaging, topical episodes to consume, much like your own personal radio station.


Premium Audiobooks

We provide a growing selection of high-quality audiobooks in addition to fantastic free content for your enjoyment. These include hand-selected classics that have been expertly edited for excellence and professionally narrated contemporary best sellers.


Other Features

  • There are thousands of fantastic, free Audiobooks for you to choose from
  • A carefully curated collection of Podcasts to enjoy
  • Offline download is perfect for your commute
  • Background and AirPlay enabled playback
  • Dark Mode to be easy on your eyes at night
  • Fully customizable Sleep Timer.



Audiobooks are a great way to immerse yourself in a story while still being able to do other things at the same time. If you’re looking for an audiobook app that will give you access to thousands of titles, then Audiobooks are worth checking out. With its affordable pricing and wide selection of titles, Audiobooks is the perfect place to start your audiobook journey.

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