Apscade Saver

Apscade Saver

Grant Fowler
  • Finance
  • 2012-08-02
    Release date
  • iOS 4.3 +
  • 0.99$

* Keep track of the amount you have contributed towards your savings goal

* or Record the amount of money you save in your piggy bank

* or use it to help you stay within budget when shopping

* View statistics on your savings progress (such as percentage)

* Customise the background colour to one of five colours

* Change your goal name and amount when necessary

* See how much you have left to save in dollars

* Use this handy thermometer in fundraisers, personal savings goals and help motivate yourself!

This app is a money counter only. It is not a bank account and, cannot be linked to one. All amounts in the app are shown in dollars ($)

Savings Tips at: https://www2.apscade.com/saver/
Nothing on this website should be taken as financial advice.

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