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Apple Health

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Your health and wellness data are kept in a central, secure location thanks to the Apple Health app, which puts it in your hands and makes it easily accessible. Your health records, prescriptions, lab results, activity logs, and sleep data are all crucial pieces of information that are readily available. Furthermore, it makes it easier to transfer information securely.


  • View and safely save health information obtained from your Apple Watch and iPhone as well as from other compatible hardware and third-party apps.
  •  Look through interactive charts to examine your health statistics over time and go in-depth.
  •  Get highlights on your vitals, steps, sleep, and other things that are important to you.
  •  Using trend analysis, quickly determine whether a given health statistic is improving or deteriorating over time.
  •  Tell those who are close to you or who are taking care of you about your health.
  •  Make your own sleep routines, decide how long you want to sleep, and monitor your development over time.
  •  Utilize Period Tracking to monitor your menstrual cycle. Enable notifications to be notified when your menstruation or fertile period is coming.
  •  Make a list of the prescription drugs, vitamins, and dietary supplements you use, and set up alerts to remind you to record planned medication intake.
  •  Configure your Apple Watch and iPhone to monitor your health with the Health Checklist.
  •  Access all of your medical records in one location, including information on allergies, vaccinations, lab results, and more.
  •  Except for your Medical ID, all of your health and wellness information inside the Health app is encrypted when your device is secured with a passcode. Using iCloud, where it is protected on Apple servers and while in transit, your health data is kept current across all of your devices automatically.

** Not accessible in all areas

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