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Apple Fitness+

Apple Inc.
  • iOS 11.0 or later
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The most inviting and inclusive workout and health experience are available to Apple Watch customers who subscribe to Apple Fitness+. Real-time indicators, such as heart rate, are shown on the Apple Watch’s display.

You may advance your workouts wherever you are and whenever you want by using the Apple Fitness+ feature in the Fitness app on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.


  • Access to the most inspiring and inclusive trainers in the world’s most premium 4K ultra high-quality video and audio exercises and meditations from 5 to 45 minutes long, requiring little to no equipment.
  • Check the on-screen timings, trainer instructions, and coaching for information regarding intensity and incline. Additionally, if you own an Apple Watch, you can monitor your heart rate and personal statistics like calories burned in real-time.
  • Listen to music that has been specially selected to complement the tone and energy of your routine. You can also check out the Artist Spotlight series, which features an entire playlist from one artist.
  • Gain access to Time to Walk, a special audio workout that enables you to stroll alongside some of the most fascinating and inspirational people in the world as they offer tales, images, and songs to keep you inspired and drive you to walk more frequently.
  • You can also access Time to Run, which brings you to locations in the US and overseas so you can experience a famous running path from a trainer from Apple Fitness+’s trainer’s point of view.
  • Look for specialized exercise and meditation regimens, such as those intended for novices, expectant mothers, and elderly folks. Additionally, there are collections of exercises and meditation that might help you achieve a certain objective, such as finishing your first 5K or unwinding for a better bedtime.
  • Sort exercises and meditations according to the coach, duration, music, and equipment.
  • New subscribers receive their first month free before paying the local monthly rate. A family subscription comprises six people. Apple Fitness+ can be combined with five other top services for a single affordable monthly fee. more pleasure for less money. Until terminated, the plan renews automatically. Rules apply. You can stop auto-renewal at any time by heading to your account settings and doing so.

*** Apple Fitness+ isn’t accessible to all countries. ***


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