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  • 14 Dec 2018
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  • iOS 14.0 or later
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Anura™ is a smartphone app powered by AI that evaluates your general health using the camera on your phone. Anura™ offers a range of psychological and physiological benefits in exchange for a thirty-second video selfie, including Stress index, BMI, Heart rate variability, Irregular heartbeats, Heart rate, and Respiration rate.

The first app in the world, Anura™, enables contactless health screening with just a 30-second video selfie. The scientific tools and medical-grade equipment utilized in labs and clinics were used to create the computational models that makeup Anura™. NuraLogix, the company that created Anura™, as well as unbiased academic and clinical labs have examined and verified the accuracy of Anura™ measures.


  •  Contactless – No need to touch any sensors, contacts, or cuff. Measuring is done similarly to taking a selfie.
  •  Quick – It just takes 5 seconds to begin recording your heart rate, and 30 seconds to get complete reading.
  •  Private – Your blood circulation data is encrypted before being uploaded to our cloud storage for analysis, and the same encryption methods used by banks are also utilized to keep your measurement history. You never save your video photos while taking measurements.
  •  Use Anura™ frequently to raise your level of stress awareness and overall wellness.
  •  Free – Very significantly, using Anura is totally cost-free!

*** Remember that Anura™ is not a replacement for a health care professional’s clinical judgment. The goal of Anura™ is to raise your awareness of overall wellness. Any disease, symptom, problem, or aberrant bodily state is not diagnosed, treated, mitigated, or prevented by Anura™. If you think you might be experiencing a medical problem, seek advice from a medical expert or call emergency services.

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