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  • 2010-01-19
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Learn about your family history from photos, stories, historical records, and your ethnicity and family communities. With Ancestry, the leading genealogy app, you can start discovering your family history with just one ancestor’s name anywhere and anytime. 

The Ancestry app is a fun and simple way to discover and publish your family history. It’s the newest and perhaps greatest tool for discovering and sharing your family’s narrative. Download it for free and experience it for yourself. 


How to Use?

Using the mobile app is simple. From Tree view, use the menu key to view a list of trees, and from Timeline view to edit or delete a person. After opening a tree, swipe your finger to move through the generations. You can zoom in and out, and click on a name for additional information. Please visit Help and select the Mobile icon for mobile app assistance. 


Creating a family tree

Whether you’re creating a family tree from scratch or accessing Member Trees you’ve already started, you can add new persons to your Family and Tree views. You don’t need a paid membership to create a Member Tree. Like desktop genealogy programs, you can add life events like birth, marriage, and death. Data entry is a bit clunky.

You can also add photos to your tree by taking a picture with your mobile device and instantly adding it. If you use Family Tree Maker 2012 or later desktop software, TreeSync will synchronize your app’s tree to Ancestry Member Trees and Family Tree Maker files on your computer. 


Viewing a family tree

You can choose to view the family as listed in either an up-and-down or left-to-right fashion. If the individual is already in the primary position, tapping will bring up the Person Panel, which has three tabs: Timeline, Family, and Gallery. All the person’s life events are listed in the Timeline, which may be expanded if desired. Family and Gallery views display the parents, spouse, and siblings. If you desire to learn who you’re viewing, you must return to the Timeline view. 


Gallery, Sources, and Documents

Family Tree Maker for Android doesn’t connect sources to events in the Timeline, as Family Tree Maker for iOS does. Sources and their supporting facts are listed in the Gallery, but the Gallery doesn’t include images and stories. members can view images from the site’s collections by tapping on a picture or record (see “How to Use Family Tree Maker”). 

You can zoom in on a document, such as a census record, to see it in high definition. You may also add a new picture to a person’s Gallery.’s collections include cited source material, but citations to sources outside will appear limited to the name only, even if more details are included in your Member Tree and Family Tree Maker files. 



Access the navigation menu by clicking on the three bars to the left of’s logo at the top of the screen. You can browse an alphabetical list of everyone in your tree or search for a name. The mobile app automatically searches’s historical records, just as with a Member Tree or Family Tree Maker file. If a record pertains to your relative, you may add it to your tree by clicking on a name and then on a leaf showing the number of hints for that person. If a record pertains to your relative, you may add it to your tree from a Gallery by clicking on Find Sources.’s search screen will then open in your browser. 



The Ancestry app is a great way to connect with family and discover your family story. It’s easy to use, tailored to your needs, and full of features to help you discover family connections and publish your family history online. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been working on a family tree for years, the mobile app is a great way to organize and share your family history. 

The free app is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. Connect with family members, discover new records, and share your story. You’ll also get important tips on what to include in your family tree and how to make it the most useful to genealogists.

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